Join me in this intimate group setting where I can personally mentor you to achieve your goals. 

This is your invitation to step up, take the reins and play life by your own rules!

What's Included

💖A private mentorship group where you will have direct access to me and a like-minded group of amazing souls.

💖Weekly group mentoring calls, where I will keep you inspired and accountable so you can achieve your goals.

💖Monthly guest experts like Cyndi O'Meara, Luke Hines and many more, who will share their expertise and help keep you inspired!

💖Tutorials and ‘How-To’ webinars where I break down everything from DIY skincare to relationship conflicts to my favourite workouts and recipes.

💖Monthly group challenges where we'll focus on one transformative habit for a month and support each other to implement it.

💖Core content learning modules, where I will walk you through the exact steps to achieve self love mastery.

💖Membership site access, with private login details where you can access all of your core learning material, videos, interviews, downloads, bonuses, resources and so much more! 

💖Exclusive discounts on all of my live events, workshops and retreats PLUS special members-only prices on Twenty8 products.

Membership Options

Monthly Membership

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Monthly Membership

Monthly group coaching call and Q&A with Kim

Access to all content and resources in the Membership Portal 

Access to our members-only Private Facebook Group

Private live interviews with industry experts

Exclusive discounts on Kim's live events & Twenty8 products

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Six Month Membership

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6 Month Membership

Monthly group coaching call and Q&A with Kim

Access to all content and resources in the Membership Portal 

Access to our members-only Private Facebook Group

Private live interviews with industry experts

Exclusive discounts on Kim's live events & Twenty8 products

Bonus No. 1

'Essential Oils 101' Online Course 

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Annual Membership

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Annual Membership

Monthly group coaching call and Q&A with Kim

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Access to our members-only Private Facebook Group

Private live interviews with industry experts

Exclusive discounts on Kim's live events & Twenty8 products

Bonus No. 1 
2 Months Free
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Bonus No. 2 
'Essential Oils 101' Online Course 
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Bonus No. 3
Twenty8 'Aroma Living Program' 
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Bonus No. 4
'Like Chocolate For Women' eBook 
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Bonus No. 5
Why Can't You Be Normal Like Me eBook
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Private mentoring with Kim Morrison

Kim offers private coaching sessions for those who want to dive deeper. Whether it's support for stress management, anxiety treatment, mindset coaching, life mentoring, relationship therapy, pain control, weight-loss and quit smoking.

To manage any of these things it requires a dedicated commitment to yourself, knowing you are without doubt, ready for it and worth it. Working on and with yourself is indeed, the ultimate act of self-love and self-care.

Kim's passion is in understanding what makes us tick, why we sabotage ourselves and don’t live the life we imagine, she loves to explore the paradigm of human behaviour and the importance of a growth mindset. This is what has inspired her to do what she does! For more information, visit

What does a month in The Mentorship look like?

Group Coaching Call

Each month, we will connect live for a full hour online as a group. I will answer questions that you have for that month, because we know life is constantly changing. I think it's important to have these live calls (and available replays) where we support and keep each other accountable.

Expert "Love Seat"

In these sessions, I will interview guest experts & group members. We'll dive into the tools that each of them have used to get through challenging 'bathroom floor' moments and what they personally do to take care and how they use self-love rituals on a daily basis.

How-To Masterclass

I'll be asking you exactly what you want to learn & will create 'how-to' webinars for each of these topics. We will cover things like self-care, essential oils, chemical-free living, emotional intelligence, nourishing family rituals & meals, personality profiling, business & so much more.

Group Challenge

Every month we will set an amazing group challenge. These challenges could be seen as small, new habits, but when we stack these habits over a full year, they will indeed be life-changing. There will be winners and prizes on offer for those who go all out with these challenges 😍

Don't take my word for it...

"Kim and the SLWM program are exactly what the world needs right now. Kim is so available and ready to share her gems with us in this program. She is teaching us how to stay balanced and centred, how to love ourselves with simple, inexpensive habits/rituals and she is ready to kick our butt with love and compassion if we need it. To be in a group with like minded souls inspires me, challenges me and is teaching me so much. My investment has already been worth it as I am a better mum, wife, friend and human as a result of what I am learning in here. Highly recommend you join us in the SLMM. Thankyou Kim for your generosity and kind spirit xx"
~ Fiona C

"Being part of the SLWM to me is a constant reminder in my life how so important the Art of self love is. This group is totally my lifeline as to looking after myself now without any guilt and judgement to which I once fell in the trap to  I may not post often but I’m here and showing up  Each week I have so many A’ha moments and this to me is worth its weight in gold... so much to look forward to this year ️ Thank you Kim you amazing beautiful lady for creating this wonderful group" 
~ Diane C

"Being part of the SLWM is part of my plan to take more care of myself. I love Kim’s positive but no nonsense attitude. In my experience the SLMM programme is full of love, positivity, great challenges, great support and lots of great wisdom and knowledge shared. I am continually learning and reminded that its okay (and a must) to look after myself. And the group is full of gorgeous amazing women."

~ Kylie F

"A beautiful & supportive community of women all joining together in a journey of self love. Wholehearted mentorship from Kim Morrison with a wealth of strategies & resources."
~ Jan Morrison


Enjoy $500 worth of amazing bonuses when you sign up for 12 months!

Bonus 1: Two Months Free

Get two months free when you sign up as an annual 'Self Love Mastery Mentorship' member. 

Valued at $94

Bonus 2: Essential Oil 101 6-Week Course

I've condensed everything I've learned from my 27 years of being an Aromatherapist into this 6 week flagship program.

Valued at $197

Bonus 3: 'Aroma Living' Program

This is my ultimate 28-day guide on how to incorporate nourishing foods, workouts & rituals into your life!

Valued at $197

Bonus 4: Why Cant You Be Normal Like Me eBook

In this introduction to understanding the four basic temperaments. It will show you how you can learn to get along with almost anyone!

Valued at $15

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The SLWM Guarantee

I created this mentorship program especially to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.

I'm so confident that this information is going to change your life, that if you're not happy with the mentorship within the first 28 days, I'll give you a full refund.

After the first 28 days, you can cancel your recurring payment anytime if you'd like to leave the mentorship. ❤️


How much time will I need to allow for the program each week?

Investing in yourself takes commitment. However, it doesn’t have to be hours upon hours for a huge gain. If you want to get the most from this program you will learn to appreciate that making yourself a priority creates a huge ripple effect on your health, mindset, relationships, family, friends and work.

Each week is designed for busy people. It will be a quick boost, some inspiration, motivation, new ideas, recipes, support and connection. Overall, if you allow 30-60mins a week you will gain a lot from this program. If you make it a priority you will gain more than you could ever imagine.

You do not have to attend the monthly live Coaching and Q&A as they will always be recorded. In fact, everything is recorded so you can watch any of the workshops, live calls, interviews and challenges in your own time and as many times as you like. Like anything, however, you will get back exactly what you put into it. 

Is there a minimum term for the monthly program?

Not at all. If you do not want to continue being a part of the program you can stop your payment and you will be removed from the Membership Portal at the end of that month.

Can I upgrade the monthly payment to an annual one to obtain the bonuses and benefits?

You can, but you will need to email [email protected] urgently and it needs to be done before the sales period ends for this special price. This is a first-time offer only.

How do I know I will benefit from this program?

In my humble opinion anything related to personal growth, personal development and self-improvement are some of the most important investments you will ever make. This could be as simple as committing to reading or listening to podcasts or TED talks each week. As long as you are constantly committed to learning and growing or expanding what you already know you are growing.

If you would like to fast track this pathway, get better at life, cease the limiting beliefs you may hold and boost your self-esteem, confidence and ability to handle all that life throws at you, then a program like the Self Love Mastery Mentorship program is like taking on a personal trainer. 

How will I receive the information each week?

You will receive all notifications and links to live calls, master classes, love seat interviews and challenges via email. You will also receive notifications in the private Facebook Group.

Can I revisit the three training videos you shared in the free online Self Love Online Program?

You can revisit the training videos in the Membership Portal so would need to join for at least a month for $47 to have access to them. We hope you can appreciate if you cancel your subscription then you will no longer have access.

Can I join the program at any time?

Absolutely! And the minute you do you have access to all the modules and resources in the members portal. You can then access the modules and topics you most need which might be information on success or forgiveness or overcoming fear or manifesting. The portal is an amazing hub filled with information on health, wellness, self-care, self-love and mindset.

Is there a Graduation Certificate?

Yes there is. We hold a 4-night retreat once a year for SLWM members. If you have successfully completed 40 modules and attend the Retreat you qualify to graduate as a Self Love and Wellness Educator.


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