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Workshop Series: Mastering The Art Of Self Love

In this workshop series, we cover:

✅ Part 1: The ‘Superwoman Juggle’ - Navigating The Chaos To Find Your Calm

✅ Part 2: The 4 Pillars Of Self Awareness - Building A Strong Foundation Of Self

✅ Part 3: Creating Powerful Rituals - Transforming From Worrier To Warrior!

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How To Use Essential Oils To Thrive During Times of Stress and Crisis

In this 90-minute webinar, we cover the history of essential oils, how they work & the best ways to use them. We dive into how you can blend your own oils, safely use them in cooking, incorporate them into self-love rituals & so much more!

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Why Can't You Be Normal Like Me?!

In this webinar, we explore the 4 different personality types and why some can seem so offbeat compared to you! We go into the skills that you can use to get along with all different personalities and get your emotional needs met!

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